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Custom Formulated Hydrocolloids for Ostomy Care

Hydrocolloids are especially suited for ostomy care because they:

  • Are water-resistant
  • Absorb discharge
  • Protect skin from irritating urinary or fecal discharge and wound drainage
  • Are gentle and flexible, yet attach firmly to skin for long periods

Today’s medical products manufacturers commonly use hydrocolloids for use in Ileostomy, Urostomy, and Colostomy care.

Hydrocolloid Manufacturer

-Flexible Choices
As the only Hydrocolloid manufacturer offering custom formulated hydrocolloids, Amparo can accommodate your ostomy product’s needs by adjusting any–or all–of the following properties:

  • Adhesion
  • Absorption
  • Thickness of product
  • Thickness of product carrier
  • Type of product carrier

Custom Formulated Hydrocolloid Roll Goods

Amparo custom formulated hydrocolloids roll goods for your ostomy products are available in double sided, self-wound, and double linered options. Hydrocolloids for ostomy products may be manufactured with a variety of carriers, including, but not limited to, polyethylene.

Amparo will readily deliver hydrocolloid in roll goods, or—through our strategic alliances– as die-cut and packaged ostomy products in any size, shape, thickness, style or configuration.

Contact Amparo, the only manufacturer supplying custom formulated hydrocolloids for ostomy products.

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