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Hydrocolloid is the ONLY adhesive used in Ostomy

Due to its unique ability to seal and secure Ostomy appliances to manage effluence, while also being gentle against tender peristomal skin after constant and repeated application to the same location.
Benefits Include: 
  • Absorbent
  • Forms an Occlusive Barrier
  • Non-Skin Sensitizin
  • Conformable for a better seal on uneven skin
  • Provides a secure attachment of the Ostomy appliance to the peristomal skin
  • Sticks well & removes easily for repetitive application to the same location
  • High Tack Formulas for Extended Wear options
  • RF & Heat Weldable


Amparo® Hydrocolloid Ostomy Flanges provide secure fixation and protect the peristomal skin while reducing risk of leakage on one or two piece ostomy appliances.
Amparo® High-Tack Ostomy Hydrocolloid allows longer wear-time from a minimum of 3 days, to up to 1-week, while also remaining gently to the peristomal skin
Amparo® Moldable Ostomy Hydrocolloid can be molded to a variety of shapes to help prevent leakage around the stoma by acting as filler for uneven skin surfaces.

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Amparo Medical is The World Leader in custom formulated NPWT hydrocolloid.

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