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Custom Formulated Hydrocolloids for Wound Care Dressings

Hydrocolloid wound care dressings are formulations of elastic, adhesive, and gelling agents and other absorbent ingredients. When applied, the wound drainage interacts with the dressing’s components to form a gel-like substance that provides a moist environment for optimized wound healing.

Hydrocolloids are a favorite compound for dressings used in wound care because they:

  • Form an occlusive barrier

  • Provide a moist healing environment

  • Absorb exudates and cushions wound

  • Adhere to intact skin, not wound

Custom Formulated Hydrocolloids

-Many Options
As the only Hydrocolloid manufacturer offering custom formulated hydrocolloids, Amparo can accommodate many types of wounds by adjusting any– or all– of the following properties:
  • Adhesion

  • Absorption

  • Thickness of product

  • Thickness of product carrier

  • Type of product carrier

Hydrocolloid Roll Goods

Amparo custom formulated hydrocolloids roll goods are available in double sided, self-wound, and double linered options for your wound care products. Hydrocolloids for wound care dressing products may be manufactured with a variety of carriers, including, but not limited to, polyurethane.

Amparo will readily deliver hydrocolloid in roll goods, or—through our strategic alliances– as hydrocolloid dressings in any size, shape, thickness, style or configuration.

Flexible choices with quality products. A good reason to contact Amparo today for custom formulated hydrocolloids for wound care dressings.

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