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Expanding the Technology and Applications of Hydrocolloid Adhesives

Hydrocolloid Adhesives Formulator and Manufacturer

Amparo is a manufacturer and custom formulator of hydrocolloid adhesives for wound care, ostomy, and device attachment.

Amparo Medical Custom Formulates Hydrocolloid Adhesives

Amparo is a manufacturer and formulator of medical grade hydrocolloid adhesives, founded by industry experts to develop the next generation of hydrocolloid adhesive formulations. For the last 50 years, hydrocolloid was known as the Gold Standard for ostomy and wound care applications, due to its absorbent and non-skin sensitizing characteristics. Hydrocolloid adhesives have unique performance characteristics allowing them to perform where other adhesives fail. Hydrocolloid adhesive formulations can be customized by Amparo Medical to meet your specific hydrocolloid product requirements.

Why Amparo

Amparo is a manufacturer and formulator of medical grade hydrocolloid adhesive. We have standard hydrocolloid adhesive formulations for all medical applications or can custom formulate hydrocolloid for your unique requirements.
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Most Frequently Asked Questions

In many cases Hydrocolloid adhesives succeed where traditional medical adhesives fail. Hydrocolloid sticks well and removes easily, is non-skin sensitizing, and can attach a medical device to the skin for up to 2-weeks. Hydrocolloid has been the gold standard for over 50 years in wound care and Ostomy.
• Absorbent – Adheres well to moist skin
• Non-Skin sensitizing
• Conformable
• Long duration wear – up to 2 weeks
• Can provide a cushion, or occlusive barrier / seal
• Can be custom formulated to meet your requirements
Hydrocolloid is solvent free, absorbent and hypoallergenic. Absorption prevents irritation by removing dead skin cells, perspiration & oils that would otherwise remain trapped between the skin and adhesive, preventing maceration.

Yes, Hydrocolloid is non-skin sensitizing.

Yes – Hydrocolloid sticks well to the skin and removes easily with high shear, high tensile and low peel. Amparo’s extended wear formulations can attach a medical device for up to 2-weeks.

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Custom Formulating Hydrocolloid Adhesives Master Rolls

producing hydrocolloid master rollsHydrocolloid material master rolls can be formulated and manufactured to fit your product specifications. Performance, dimensions, active ingredients, and components can be customized for your product.

Master Roll Performance Characteristics

  • Adhesion
  • Absorption
  • Modulus

Master Roll Physical Characteristic Selections

  • Roll Width
  • Thickness
  • Single or Double Sided

Master Roll Component Selection

  • Film Carrier – Polyurethane or Polyethylene
  • Release Liner – Polyester or Paper

Active Ingredients

  • Amparo can mix active ingredients into your custom formulated hydrocolloid adhesive.
  • Hydrocolloid for Acne Patches
  • Hydrocolloid for Pain Patches
  • Hydrocolloid for Drug Delivery
  • Hydrocolloid for Cosmetics