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Custom Formulated Hydrocolloids

-Providing Choices to Suit Your Application
Amparo is the only industry leader providing hydrocolloid dressing and wound care dressing manufacturers and suppliers with custom formulated hydrocolloid medical adhesive roll goods.

Hydrocolloid Roll Goods

-A Leading Supplier of Roll Goods to Finished Products
Amparo uses proven quality manufacturing processes developed by industry experts. From roll sheet goods to private label finished products, we provide custom formulated hydrocolloids to hydrocolloid dressing and wound care dressing manufacturers and ostomy products suppliers. In choosing Amparo as your supplier of hydrocolloid medical adhesives, you make a choice for flexibility: in ordering, in design, in applications.

Hydrocolloid Medical Adhesives

- Innovative Technology for Wound Care and More
Amparo delivers a high quality hydrocolloid medical adhesive for wound care dressing, ostomy devices, and catheter securement with:

  • High shear

  • High tensile strength

  • Low peel

Though hydrocolloid's use as a medical adhesive has been around for more than 20 years, today's technologies are finding more and more uses. Amparo is the only hydrocolloid medical adhesive manufacturer that delivers custom formulations for any application. Amparo's unique formulations also allow you to adhere hydrocolloids to a variety of carriers.

AMPARO Hydrocolloids

- Providing Custom Options Where It Counts
Amparo understands that not all applications have the same requirements. Amparo can modify any or all of the following properties to fit your specific applicatins:

  • Adhesion

  • Absorption

  • Thickness of product

  • Thickness of product carrier

In addition to these options, we can provide you with a hydrocolloid medical adhesive that is double-sided. This formulation is available with self-wound or double-linered options. With Amparo, you get control and choice.

Strengthening Your Marketability
By custom formulating hydrocolloids to your specifications, Amparo is your partner in strengthening your position in the wound care dressing or ostomy products' market through greater variety, more unique combinations, and choice of applications.

Die Cutting, Packaging and Assembly

In addition to providing Hydrocolloids as roll goods, Amparo's strategic alliances enable us to provide our clients with full service production: die cutting, packaging, and assembly for any of their hydrocolloid dressing, wound care dressing, and medical adhesive products.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you manufacture the right hydrocolloid formulation for your needs.

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