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Hydrocolloid Adhesive Custom Formulated for Wound Care Dressings

Wound care hydrocolloid adhesive is widely recognized for its exudate management qualities, while also gentle against compromised skin.

Hydrocolloid adhesive benefits Include:

  • Highly absorbent
  • Forms an Occlusive Barrier
  • Facilitates autolytic debridement
  • Conformable
  • Sticks Well & Removes Easily

Hydrocolloid adhesive formulated and manufactured by Amparo Medical for wound care manufacturers

Exudation production by open wounds is essential for moist wound healing. However, when wounds produce too much exudate, and/or the composition of the exudate is harmful, a wide range of problems can occur. The absorbent capacity of Amparo Hydrocolloid accommodates wounds with light to medium exudation.
Hydrocolloid wound dressings are regarded as important components in foot ulcer treatment. Dressings made with Amparo Hydrocolloid are absorbent and offer a beneficial cushioning affect to help elicit healing.
Hydrocolloids provide a moist environment favorable for wound healing and an occlusive barrier against exogenous bacteria. Wounds treated with hydrocolloid dressings have rapid wound healing, and generally less pain. Amparo Hydrocolloid dressings are effective in the treatment of small-area partial-thickness burns, and are especially useful in the terminal phase of spontaneous healing of small burns.
Hydrocolloids provide an occlusive barrier against bacteria and cushioning for comfort. In addition, Amparo hydrocolloid provides a moist environment to elicit healing.
Hydrocolloid dressings have been shown to decrease donor site healing times by about 40% ( Amparo offers several different wound care formulations to cater to a variety of wound applications.
Surgical dressings made with Amparo Hydrocolloids will not adhere to the wound site, only to the skin surrounding it. This helps to keep the newly healed skin intact. Due to the occlusive nature of Hydrocolloid, moisture is captured beneath the dressing to promote healing. In addition, hydrocolloid dressings do not traumatize the skin upon being removed.
Hydrocolloid dressings are commonly used for Stage 1 & 2 Pressure Ulcers to promote moist wound healing, aid autolytic debridement, manage exudate, and assist with pain management. They are also used as a primary dressing for shallow Category/Stage III or IV pressure ulcers, and for newly formed skin.
Amparo’s custom formulated Hydrocolloid can dramatically improve the performance of any NPWT dressing. By creating a vacuum seal, Amparo’s custom formulated Hydrocolloid enables engineers to design unique and effective NPWT devices. Amparo NPWT Hydrocolloid remains gentle on the peri-wound area and absorbs excess exudate.

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