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NPWT Hydrocolloid Adhesive

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Hydrocolloid for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Dressings.

Custom formulated hydrocolloid adhesive can dramatically improve the performance of any NPWT dressing. By creating a vacuum seal, hydrocolloid adhesive custom formulated for negative pressure wound therapy enables engineers to design unique and effective NPWT devices. Amparo’s NPWT dressing Hydrocolloid adhesive remains gentle on the peri-wound area and absorbs excess exudate. Negative pressure wound therapy devices using Amparo hydrocolloid dressings provide many wound care benefits:

  • Reduced pathogenic infection risks.

  • Accelerated wound healing times.
  • Draws out excess fluids.
  • lowers the number of dressing changes.
  • increased blood flow to wound area.

NPWT with wound care hydrocolloid

Amparo Medical Custom Formulates and Manufactures Only the Highest Quality Hydrocolloid

  • All raw materials are sourced in the USA and Europe.
  • All hydrocolloid adhesive formulations are manufactured in the USA.
  • Amparo’s Quality Management System is accredited with BSI ensuring ISO 13485:2016 compliance.
  • Amparo products are compliant with the EU regulations for REACH and RoHS as well as California’s regulations for PROP 65.
  • Amparo Medical Technologies base hydrocolloid formulations are tested for biocompatibility and are compliant with ISO 10993.
  • Amparo Medical’s Testing Lab conducts 100% verification for all products manufactured, certifying specifications are met.

hydrocolloid acne patches
Custom formulated hydrocolloid medical adhesive performance, dimensions, and components can be customized to your specification and produced in master rolls.

acne patch hydrocolloid roll

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Amparo Medical is The World Leader in custom formulated NPWT hydrocolloid.