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Amparo Medical will develop unique formulations to address the specific needs of your Applications

When conventional adhesives fail to perform for your unique application, hydrocolloid may be the answer! Amparo hydrocolloid provides moisture absorption, the ability to seal, provides extended wear times (up to two weeks) and can deliver active ingredients!

Amparo can formulate a thin, translucent hydrocolloid, and blend a variety of Active Ingredients. Click here for Amparo Acne Patch Contract Manufacturing.

Amparo formulates hydrocolloid that will not irritate the skin when left on the body for extended periods of time.

Call for more details… (714) 792-3871
Call for more details… (714) 792-3871

Amparo formulates hydrocolloid for delicate skin, is absorbent, and excellent exfoliant and can be infused with vitamins & nutrients.

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Amparo Medical is The World Leader in custom formulated NPWT hydrocolloid.

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