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Cold Sore Hydrocolloid Manufactured and Master Rolls Produced

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Amparo Custom Formulates Medical Grade Hydrocolloid for Cold Sore Treatment Patches

Hydrocolloid is a medical grade adhesive used in chronic wound care for over 40 years. Amparo hydrocolloid can provide multiple wound-healing benefits across all stages of a cold sore outbreak.

Cold sore hydrocolloid patches can provide an efficacious and safe alternative to topical antivirals in treating cold sores as a wound while affording additional immediate benefits of wound protection, discretion and relief of social embarrassment.

Amparo can custom formulate cold sore hydrocolloid with active ingredients to your cold sore patch product specifications.

Amparo Quality Policy

Amparo will develop, manufacture, and distribute safe and effective products. We will ensure quality meets meticulous regulatory compliance and will strive to exceed customer expectations and continuously monitor the effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS).

All raw materials are sourced in the USA and Europe. All manufacturing is conducted at the Amparo Medical factory in Placentia, CA, USA.

Amparo’s Quality Management System is accredited with BSI ensuring compliance to ISO 13485:2016. See our quality and accreditation.

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Amparo Medical is The World Leader in custom formulated NPWT hydrocolloid.