Amparo Medical Technologies


(standard formulations)

1-3 Days Medium Tack / Extended Wear – up to 1 week Hi-Tack

Low Tack / Medium Tack

What is the anticipated wear time?
  • If 1-3 days:
    Medium Tack
  • If up to 1 week:
    High Tack
  • If up to 2-weeks:
    Ultra-High Tack


Die Cutting Consideration

Cold flow may occur so you will need to remove scrap.

Sterilization Considerations

ETO not recommended – E-Beam or Gamma recommended.


Avoid temperatures over 80 degrees F and high humidity.

Packaging Considerations

Avoid compression.

Extended Liner Considerations

Cold flow will require use of extend liners.


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WHy Hydrocolloid?

In many cases Hydrocolloids succeed where traditional medical adhesives fail. Hydrocolloid sticks well and removes easily, is
non-skin sensitizing, and can attach a medical device to the skin for up to 2-weeks. Hydrocolloid has been the gold standard for
over 50 years in wound care and Ostomy.
  • Absorbent – Adheres well to moist skin
  • Non-Skin sensitizing
  • Conformable
  • Long duration wear – up to 2 weeks
  • Can provide a cushion, or occlusive barrier / seal
  • Can be custom formulated to meet your requirements